Hello love bugs. If you cannot name one of the females pictured above then… Slap yourself. I’mm truly just kidding. there is nothing better than having a good circle of girlfriends. I can never truly understand when girls say, “I don’t get along with other girls. They just don’t like me!” Typically the girl will finish off a statement like this by subltley commenting on her personal beauty and how other girls are sooooo jealous of her!

*eye roll*

I can’t wait to find my fab four in college. The fab four is my concept of four fabulously friends that make up a tight knit square.

The Real One: Everybody needs a friend that will give it to you straight. The one that won’t hold back. The one that will give you the best advice. Someone that will give you advice and commentary like they are you’re sisters. My sisters do not sugar coat when they are talking to me.

Sassy Gal: I need a friend that is as into fashion and glam as I am. (Hahaha, that rhymes) My sassy sista will share my love for shoes and keep me on point with the latest threads. Hopefully me and my sassy sista will be the  same size in clothes or shoes so that we can share. Although if we are not, there are always jewelry, handbags, and scarves to be shared.

Boy-Crazy Chica: Everybody has that friend that is somehow always involved in some sort of boy drama. This Chica adds a little spice to the group. Her heartbreaks & break-ups give   us a reason to chow down on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Somehow boys are always flying in and out of her life. But you love her regardless. (And she always knows the hottest guys to hook you up with! Score!)

The Intellectual: This is a girl that is globally, socially, and culturally involved. She will keep you on your toes and hold you up to a certain standard to keep up with the world’s current event. She’s smart, insightful, and creative. Although she seems very different from the rest of the group she holds the group together.

So I bet you’re wondering where I fall. I think I’m the “Friend you need”. I am the girl that will tell you have a booger in your nose. It may sound like a simple thing but I don’t understand how “true” friend will let you walk around looking ratchect. I guess I’m a mix of the best qualities from Jessica White, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tyra Banks, Beyonce Knowles, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, Joan Clayton, Maya Wilkes, and Lynn Searcy. (And yes I did leave off Toni)

Side note: I do not own the pictures above.

Ciao Bella! 


Re-evaluation starring my friends.

Let’s me make this very clear. I’m a very open person. Not open like a window or a book, but open enough that I tell my friends the truth when asked a question. There is no point of spreading rumors with “friends”. We should be open enough to share this and that. If I don’t feel as though I can share, I will just explain that I don’t feel like sharing at that moment. I’ve had it up to here with secrets. Secrets are a fancy way of saying “lie”. One of my best pet peeves is secrets. If you have a secret with another person there is no reason I should ever find out. Do not discuss it in front of me, it’s just plain rude. Because then I will want to know what this special “secret” is and my curiosity will be crushed when I can’t discover it.

The worst part about secrets is the trust issues that accompanies them. Honestly it hurts. It hurts so much. Like you can’t trust me enough to tell me? How long have we been friends? I’ve realized that I can’t keep having relationships like this. They are toxic. If I lose the confidence that my friends don’t trust me then I will harbor my emotions further. And I’m already a poor communicator. Oh, well. One more semester and then I will find friends that will trust me as much as I trust them. 🙂

Ciao Bella!