Mini- Hiatus

Sorry Love bugs. I have M.I.A. (Missing in Actions). I’m not trying to be the queen of excuses but I’ve seriously had trouble getting a camera to take photos. I’ve been using my mom’s camera and she’s demanded that I return it to her. Its not that I’ve lacked inspirations I just need to know one thing. Do you mind reading post without pictures? It may be childish but I really enjoy photos with post. (Sidenote: I tried reading children’s book as long as possible!) I have a lot of different post ideas but I don’t think they will be as effective without photos to accompany them! Oh well. I will leave you with Mr. Ocean’s new song, Voodoo.(Frank Ocean) I think the replay button has seriously been abused.

Ciao Bella! 


Faith & Money.

Hello Love bugs! (I haven’t said that in such a long time) I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. Any-hoo, I need money. And I have put complete faith in God that He will open some doors for me. I have so far filled out around four applications and we will see what God has in store for me. I am saving up for prom (and all it entitles – hair, nails, makeup, dress, shoes, transportation, and diner)  I am also saving for a camera! (Ah…. I’m so close) I always end up saving for things then somehow get really distracted and my money is fuelind into other outlets. Well, I know that God has something great in store for me and I need to stop worrying about MONEY! Arrgggh. I can’t stand worry about money because its so trivial and my God is bigger and greater than this silly little dilemma.

Well readers don’t forget to cast all of your cares unto God.

Ciao Bella.