Words from the Wise.

Simple concept. I originally saw this quote while reading a proverb in my Spanish class. Gives me a different perspective on complaining.

Ciao Bella! 


Watching Them Watching Me

Watching them Watching me. I like this. And I like monkeys! (Get at me, Bro!) Sometimes in life I tend to find myself comparing myself to other people. But I guess it’s fun to think they just may be watching me… Well, who knows? 🙂

Ciao Bella! 

Sidenote: I do not own this photo.

Bad Girl’s Club.

Its truly sad to say I was into this show. If you don’t already know season 8 (I think) of Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club has just started. I’ve watched two seasons of BGC and I can honestly say that I’m  ashamed that I watched such a show. I didn’t watch the show last season, the one in New Orlean’s, but I did watch the two season before that. The show is a trashy expedition that exposes young ladies engaging in alcohol, sexual promiscuity, and fighting. 

Well God told me not to watch the show any more.

ARRRGGGH– You temptation! I’m fighting. I’m honestly fighting my flesh. I’m ashamed to say that I actually long to watch this season. But I have to heed the words of the Lord. I haven’t really hear the Lord’s voice before in my life. But I feel myself being more conscious to his call and presence.

I’m not saying that it has been an easy journey. My flesh wants to watch the show. But I feel like God is telling me that I’m being subconsciousness influenced by the show and I need to stop the cycle. So far my behavior hasn’t reflected any principals/ morals that are found on the show.

If you are having a struggle similar to mine remember what the bible says. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says:

13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Sidenote: I am not judging you if you watch/enjoy this show. To each their own. I tend not to judge people because we are all on our own journeys.

Ciao Bella!

Mini- Hiatus

Sorry Love bugs. I have M.I.A. (Missing in Actions). I’m not trying to be the queen of excuses but I’ve seriously had trouble getting a camera to take photos. I’ve been using my mom’s camera and she’s demanded that I return it to her. Its not that I’ve lacked inspirations I just need to know one thing. Do you mind reading post without pictures? It may be childish but I really enjoy photos with post. (Sidenote: I tried reading children’s book as long as possible!) I have a lot of different post ideas but I don’t think they will be as effective without photos to accompany them! Oh well. I will leave you with Mr. Ocean’s new song, Voodoo.(Frank Ocean) I think the replay button has seriously been abused.

Ciao Bella! 

Running too fast.

Really Bummy picture. Sorry Love bugs. 😦

Sometimes I have the tendency to run so fast that I forget to enjoy the scenery around me. As though I’m living in the moment yet everything is gong by so quickly that I’m hardly having enough time to sit back and savour the moment. Arrrgghhh!  God is good though. He has given me the strength to run 2.75 miles today.  I even made this healthy protein shake thing for diner. I’m so happy when I am at home, and right now while I’m blogging. Although at school I feel so distant as though I have mental pressed pause and I’m waiting to press play again. This is the thing….

Revelation time. Sit back and grab your popcorn & tea.

I’m ready. I’m mentally and spiritually ready. I’m not one of those seniors that’s just “over it” mid way through the year. But I’m over one thing. I’m sorry to talk about friends again but I want Christian friends that will challenge me spiritually and challenge me to be the best me I can be. I want to see my friends and see a reflection of God’s principles in them. I want boys friends that I can talk to about sexual challenges as young Christians without it being “awkward”. I just need some perspectives from guys… I don’t have any brothers. *tear*

Although I feel as though in high school it’s more difficult to cut people out of my life. Where as in college I will have the confidence to say “Hey buddy, you aren’t a good influence on me. I can no longer be you friend because I believe God has a greater plan for me” The friend break-up won’t be that harsh but you get the picture.

Ciao Bella!

No Shade

Hey Love Bugs!

No Shade- A phrase you add at the beginning or the end of a sentence that can be seen as negative to somebody, but its not supposed to be, and just stating the obvious. Synonyms include, “no offense” or “don’t take it personally” (Source UD)

I feel like when people say “no shade” they want to say an insult without actually meaning for it to be an insult. For example: “Hey girl that skirt really isn’t working for you! No Shade!” Or “Hey sista, how long have you had those braids in? No Shade!” Or… Well, I think you get my point. But this “No Shade” moment is directed towards my friends. The thing is prom is coming up this spring. Yay-hay! And the only thing that can assure my friend’s happiness for prom is securing a date.


I personally could care less if I do or don’t have a date for prom. I’ve had oodles of fun with my friends at the past homecomings as we were the group of “single ladies”. Granted I did feel a ping of jealously/loneliness when I saw some of the cute couples— but that feeling was shaken off after I enjoyed pleasant after-homecoming events at the local IHOP! So why my friends are so worried about finding a date to prom boogles me. This may sound like a really petty dilemma and I bet in a year from now I will laugh at the post but this is my life at the moment.

So in conclusion, To my friends: You don’t need a date to prom to make the night special. No Shade!

And leave a comment below about any of your own “No Shade” moments.

Ciao Bella!