Fall in Winter.

Hey Love bugs.

The truth is that this year I don’t think winter is coming to visit Texas. I’m honestly not too sad. Some people moan about hating cold weather, put a jacket on! Some people moan about hating the heat, take off your clothes. Scratch the last part. But the weather out side is about 77 Degrees Fahrenheit and the sun is shinning. Hello Texas! 77 Degrees in January and ‘winter’. Texas weather— No complaints here though. I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. Do something special today.  Oh my sister, P$ (P-money), bought some new nail polish so I’m a expedition to try all out. (sidenote: No make-up today and I feel like my bun game is on point!)


Ciao Bella! 


Head to Toe

Hey Love bugs. I was thinking about doing an outfit of the day but I’m looking a bit Grundy. So I thought I would do a head to toe look because I really like my shoes and my hat. (Sidenote: I’m a shoe-a-holic. I buy soooo many pairs of shoes. Because unlike most people I will buy a pair of shoes then imagine what perfect pieces will complement the shoes. Do you know how hard it is to find “imagined” clothing items?)  And below I added the final product of my manicure from my post Girly Day!

Ciao Bella!

Souper Bowl of Caring & Outfit.

Today was actually very eventful. (Sidenote: I thought I would just show you my outfit. It was a chill look with jeans, boots, and a tee. I’m very proud of my messy bun. Be jealous, be very jealous.) We had the Souper Bowl of Caring kick-off at my school.  The Souper Bowl of Caring is a can food drive that collects can goods for the less fortunate. The organization’s goal is to “tackle hunger” as the event takes place around the Super Bowl time. (Get it? Souper Bowl/ Super Bowl) Any-hoo. I had a blast working with my fellow student council officers, teachers, peers, and principals to put on such an event.  We had news stations, grocery stores CEO’s, and radio stations come to my school to kick off this event. I truly had a blast and I’m so blessed that God has put me in a position where I can lead. We even had the great Dallas Cowboys player, Drew Parson, come and speak to us. I was featured on CBS 11 and you can see me on the news below! AHHHH (Don’t worry this will be the first of many interviews– If that is God’s will for me)


Ciao Bella! 

Christmas Unwrapped

Hey Love bugs. The time has finally come. Remember that one time I hinted at a Christmas surprise for my lovely readers? Well that time has come. I have the surprise which is a youtube channel. Here is my first video entitled Animal Instinct. Yes, it was filmed a while ago but I will try to keep my blog and youtube channel more n-sync! And please subscribe to my Youtube channel too! It will really make my day.

Ciao Bella!

Animal Instinct

Hello Love bugs. Happy New Years Eve! (& Happy New Years!) Be Safe tonight and make wise decisions. Don’t forget to thank the Lord for another year. So I thought I would do an outfit of the day. today I’m wearing animal print, jeans, and some heels. Y’ll be good now.

Ciao Bella!

Tom Ford

“Style for me is someone who figues out who they are, what works on them, what they feel good in and develops that, develops their character and the outer expression of their character is what style.”

Tom Ford.

Hey Love Bugs. This will be short. If you didn’t already know, I love men’s fashion. I mean, I love fashion myself.. But I’m so much more into style. Because trends come in and out but style, that’s timeless. (Quote me on that in a few years when I’m a SUPER blogger) Any-hoo. A well-tailored man is all kinds of sexy. (*fans neck*) Tom Ford is the essence of classic, contemporary elegance.  So below I have a documentary on him from Oprah’s show Visionaries! Hopefully I will be on the show one day.By the way I love documentaries so if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments below.

(Sidenote: I do not own these photos)

Ciao Bella! 

Holiday Wishlist

Christmas by no means is solely about presents. In fact this post is not about what I want for Christmas. A few years ago my parents stopped getting my sisters and me Christmas gifts. They were convinced that the true meaning of Christmas was being commercialized and confused  through media outlets. Well God has blessed me with a job and I have a list of things that would really make me overjoyed. Hopefully those post-holiday sales will be in my favor. So here is a few stuff I am longing for….


1. Dress

2 Shoes

3. Watch


5 Michael Kors Handbag

6 Beyonce Rush Perfume Gift Set

7. Sparkly Blazar

8. Canon SX40