Head to Toe

Hey Love bugs. I was thinking about doing an outfit of the day but I’m looking a bit Grundy. So I thought I would do a head to toe look because I really like my shoes and my hat. (Sidenote: I’m a shoe-a-holic. I buy soooo many pairs of shoes. Because unlike most people I will buy a pair of shoes then imagine what perfect pieces will complement the shoes. Do you know how hard it is to find “imagined” clothing items?)  And below I added the final product of my manicure from my post Girly Day!

Ciao Bella!


Intimidation: White Guy Edition

Three things that scare me. Red lipsticks. Hipster fake glasses. (Not really hipster, but on another level of cool that I have yet to achieve)  And the 80’s high side ponytail. It’s not that these things physically scare it, it’s just that I seem to lack the confidence to rock them. I guess I march to the beat of my own drum but the melody isn’t much different from everyone else’s.

Okay story time.


The other day I was running errands for my mother. If you didn’t already know, I’m always running errands for my mother. So she need me to return a sweater at Tj Max. As I walked in the store and stood in the exclusive “Return Only” line I spotted the cutest white male worker. Now this dude looked about my age (18/19- ish) Not only that but, he was like cute. *blush*

He had like the cutest curls. Picture a white guy with mixed (mulatto) curls. He had this effortless smile and he was starring at me in line! AHHHH! Maybe it was my cobalt blue jacket? But I still convincing myself that he was looking at me, looking into my soul!  Anyways I made the returns and walked out of the store. But I did turn back one more time just to take one last look at the cutie. He was doing put-backs (Retail lingo– means he was putting stuff from the dressing room back on the racks). I was going to go peruse the racks before I left but I thought against it. (Sidenote: If you aren’t alreay aware you don’t really shop at stores like Tj Max. You hunt! Looking for a piece of treasure)

If you haven’t noticed I’m black. Shocker! But I’m pretty open minded. I’m open to date inter-racially. Like it’s 2012 people, let’s get with it. The problem is I’m so intimidated by white guys. I feel as though my chances of rejection from them skyrockets. Sometimes I even think maybe it’s not me… It’s them. Like do I have to scream that I’m not a stereotypical loud, attitude filled, gold-digger like the African American women portrayed in the media. I don’t want to put filters on the men I will date, because I don’t know what God has in store for me. This is so a Brandy Cinderella (1999) moment!

Go head Brandy. I bet she went to Tj Max

Oh well. I guess I’m just Ms. Independent waiting for God to send Mr. Incredible (The Incredible s are one of my favorite Pixar movies & I like strong dudes) 🙂

Ciao Bella!

Animal Instinct

Hello Love bugs. Happy New Years Eve! (& Happy New Years!) Be Safe tonight and make wise decisions. Don’t forget to thank the Lord for another year. So I thought I would do an outfit of the day. today I’m wearing animal print, jeans, and some heels. Y’ll be good now.

Ciao Bella!

Holiday Wishlist

Christmas by no means is solely about presents. In fact this post is not about what I want for Christmas. A few years ago my parents stopped getting my sisters and me Christmas gifts. They were convinced that the true meaning of Christmas was being commercialized and confused  through media outlets. Well God has blessed me with a job and I have a list of things that would really make me overjoyed. Hopefully those post-holiday sales will be in my favor. So here is a few stuff I am longing for….


1. Dress

2 Shoes

3. Watch


5 Michael Kors Handbag

6 Beyonce Rush Perfume Gift Set

7. Sparkly Blazar

8. Canon SX40