Jason Wu for Target

I’m so excited for Jason Wu’s collabroation collection for Target. As you may or may not know Mr. Wu designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration  dress. Take a look at the dress below if you have forgotten. 

I doubt that Mr. Wu’s collection will be anything less than spectacular. I do not know why everyone was so excited for Missoni… because Wu is were it’s at. I love to save money that is why I love thrifting and designer collaboration collections. Wu’s amazing designs will hit stores and Target.com Feb. 5. Apparel ranges from $19.99 to $59.99, and the bags and scarves go from $19.99 to $49.99. So take a peek at every single piece from the collection below:

(Sidenote: I do not own these images)

I’m truly loving the navy dress, the white dress, and the two clutches.                                   #starts-saving-money-now. Oh well. So do you guys see any pieces that you love? Comment below.

Ciao Bella!


Christmas Unwrapped

Hey Love bugs. The time has finally come. Remember that one time I hinted at a Christmas surprise for my lovely readers? Well that time has come. I have the surprise which is a youtube channel. Here is my first video entitled Animal Instinct. Yes, it was filmed a while ago but I will try to keep my blog and youtube channel more n-sync! And please subscribe to my Youtube channel too! It will really make my day.

Ciao Bella!

Holiday Wishlist

Christmas by no means is solely about presents. In fact this post is not about what I want for Christmas. A few years ago my parents stopped getting my sisters and me Christmas gifts. They were convinced that the true meaning of Christmas was being commercialized and confused  through media outlets. Well God has blessed me with a job and I have a list of things that would really make me overjoyed. Hopefully those post-holiday sales will be in my favor. So here is a few stuff I am longing for….


1. Dress

2 Shoes

3. Watch


5 Michael Kors Handbag

6 Beyonce Rush Perfume Gift Set

7. Sparkly Blazar

8. Canon SX40

Oh Black Friday!

I will make this brief. As many of you don’t know, I got a seasonal job at _______ (Sorry I don’t reveal personal info like that) I will tell you the place after the job is over. Anyways I learned two things about myself through working on Black Friday. One- Black Friday is kinda pointless. I mean the deals are just alright and most of the time the people that are really into black Friday are uber crazy. Shall I remind us about the pepper spray lady at a Walmart in Los Angles? Personally pepper spray, Walmart, and black Friday should never be in the same sentence. Two- Customer service is hard. It’s hard to be happy and smile when people are so rude sometimes. It’s only the strength of God that has kept me. As a greeter my job is to welcome you into the store and then proceed by telling you all the in-store promotions. I’m a subtle shopper so I like to walk in and out of a store without anyone speaking to me. (If I need help I will ask) But a majority of customers like to be acknowledged when they enter a store. So, that’s my job. Sometimes I wonder if I really like to work or if I just like money. I think I just like money. I pray that God will lead me to a job that I love so I never have to “work” a day in my life! (Oh how cliche!

Sorry to be so negative. I mean there are some ups to black Friday. Like the Kohl’s black friday jingle song. Or the energy. I feed off energy. So if you have a good vibe I will too. Like if you are really into something I will be into it too! Sorry, I feel like I have to really explain because I may not be making sense. Anyways black Friday has this energy that is just crazy. Everything is backwards. We shop late at night/ early morning. Everyone is up. I don’t know. There’s just a certain energy. I can’t explain it.

Well, I did buy a pair of shoes that I will display later. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Just got off from work. We had to wear black. And “yes” my eyes are naturally that big ! 🙂

Ciao Bella!