Fall in Winter.

Hey Love bugs.

The truth is that this year I don’t think winter is coming to visit Texas. I’m honestly not too sad. Some people moan about hating cold weather, put a jacket on! Some people moan about hating the heat, take off your clothes. Scratch the last part. But the weather out side is about 77 Degrees Fahrenheit and the sun is shinning. Hello Texas! 77 Degrees in January and ‘winter’. Texas weather— No complaints here though. I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. Do something special today.  Oh my sister, P$ (P-money), bought some new nail polish so I’m a expedition to try all out. (sidenote: No make-up today and I feel like my bun game is on point!)


Ciao Bella! 


Head to Toe

Hey Love bugs. I was thinking about doing an outfit of the day but I’m looking a bit Grundy. So I thought I would do a head to toe look because I really like my shoes and my hat. (Sidenote: I’m a shoe-a-holic. I buy soooo many pairs of shoes. Because unlike most people I will buy a pair of shoes then imagine what perfect pieces will complement the shoes. Do you know how hard it is to find “imagined” clothing items?)  And below I added the final product of my manicure from my post Girly Day!

Ciao Bella!

Girly Day!

Today is a girly day. I’m just chilling. So far I ran 4.5 miles this morning. *pat self on back*. I have a mini birthday party to attend for one of my friends so yay-hay! Well so far today I’m going to catch up on some good R&R (rest and relaxation) with magazines, nail polish, green tea, and my cell phone. I will also be bumpin’ to J.Cole again, because it’s been a minute since I listed to him. I guess it is fun to be a girl. I hope you have a good Saturday. After I finish resting I’m going to continuing applying for scholarships. Please readers, pray for me. I’m praying that God grants me favor among my contemporaries.

I'm stupidly drawn to white electronics!

Ciao Bella! 

Curls on Point

I finally broke down and point Miss. Jessie’s curly pudding. But before you go spend your life-savings on this product, I would suggest that you get it don’t go run out and get it just yet. It’s a bit expensive so there might be cheaper alternatives.

Natural hair is harder than what it seems. All these girls on Youtube and various blogs look so cute with their natural hair styles. I have tried everything. From twist outs to bantu knots, to high bun to wash’n’go’s/ Let’s just say with natural hair I just look like a hot mess 24/7. I have been natural for about two and 1/2 years and this is the first year in which I will be rockin’ my hair… au natural! Natural hair is a lot more complex that I thought it would be. At the moment I’m wearing my hair in the protective style of braids. I plan to wear my hear out this summer. Hopefully then these products will come in handy. Miss Jessie’s don’t disappoint me!


Ciao Bella!


Holiday Wishlist

Christmas by no means is solely about presents. In fact this post is not about what I want for Christmas. A few years ago my parents stopped getting my sisters and me Christmas gifts. They were convinced that the true meaning of Christmas was being commercialized and confused  through media outlets. Well God has blessed me with a job and I have a list of things that would really make me overjoyed. Hopefully those post-holiday sales will be in my favor. So here is a few stuff I am longing for….


1. Dress

2 Shoes

3. Watch


5 Michael Kors Handbag

6 Beyonce Rush Perfume Gift Set

7. Sparkly Blazar

8. Canon SX40