Running too fast.

Really Bummy picture. Sorry Love bugs. 😦

Sometimes I have the tendency to run so fast that I forget to enjoy the scenery around me. As though I’m living in the moment yet everything is gong by so quickly that I’m hardly having enough time to sit back and savour the moment. Arrrgghhh!  God is good though. He has given me the strength to run 2.75 miles today.  I even made this healthy protein shake thing for diner. I’m so happy when I am at home, and right now while I’m blogging. Although at school I feel so distant as though I have mental pressed pause and I’m waiting to press play again. This is the thing….

Revelation time. Sit back and grab your popcorn & tea.

I’m ready. I’m mentally and spiritually ready. I’m not one of those seniors that’s just “over it” mid way through the year. But I’m over one thing. I’m sorry to talk about friends again but I want Christian friends that will challenge me spiritually and challenge me to be the best me I can be. I want to see my friends and see a reflection of God’s principles in them. I want boys friends that I can talk to about sexual challenges as young Christians without it being “awkward”. I just need some perspectives from guys… I don’t have any brothers. *tear*

Although I feel as though in high school it’s more difficult to cut people out of my life. Where as in college I will have the confidence to say “Hey buddy, you aren’t a good influence on me. I can no longer be you friend because I believe God has a greater plan for me” The friend break-up won’t be that harsh but you get the picture.

Ciao Bella!


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