No Shade

Hey Love Bugs!

No Shade- A phrase you add at the beginning or the end of a sentence that can be seen as negative to somebody, but its not supposed to be, and just stating the obvious. Synonyms include, “no offense” or “don’t take it personally” (Source UD)

I feel like when people say “no shade” they want to say an insult without actually meaning for it to be an insult. For example: “Hey girl that skirt really isn’t working for you! No Shade!” Or “Hey sista, how long have you had those braids in? No Shade!” Or… Well, I think you get my point. But this “No Shade” moment is directed towards my friends. The thing is prom is coming up this spring. Yay-hay! And the only thing that can assure my friend’s happiness for prom is securing a date.


I personally could care less if I do or don’t have a date for prom. I’ve had oodles of fun with my friends at the past homecomings as we were the group of “single ladies”. Granted I did feel a ping of jealously/loneliness when I saw some of the cute couples— but that feeling was shaken off after I enjoyed pleasant after-homecoming events at the local IHOP! So why my friends are so worried about finding a date to prom boogles me. This may sound like a really petty dilemma and I bet in a year from now I will laugh at the post but this is my life at the moment.

So in conclusion, To my friends: You don’t need a date to prom to make the night special. No Shade!

And leave a comment below about any of your own “No Shade” moments.

Ciao Bella!


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