Fall in Winter.

Hey Love bugs.

The truth is that this year I don’t think winter is coming to visit Texas. I’m honestly not too sad. Some people moan about hating cold weather, put a jacket on! Some people moan about hating the heat, take off your clothes. Scratch the last part. But the weather out side is about 77 Degrees Fahrenheit and the sun is shinning. Hello Texas! 77 Degrees in January and ‘winter’. Texas weather— No complaints here though. I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. Do something special today.  Oh my sister, P$ (P-money), bought some new nail polish so I’m a expedition to try all out. (sidenote: No make-up today and I feel like my bun game is on point!)


Ciao Bella! 


3 thoughts on “Fall in Winter.

  1. omg i live in texas too and this weather is absolutely ridiculous in a good way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love this weather. I’m afraid what the summer will be like if this is what january feels like! hey btw…how did you format your pictures to be in small pictures on the side??

    • I’m afraid of summer too. There is nothing worst than burning up in your car on a hot’s summer’s day. Also sweating while walking from point A to point B. I use Picnik collage to make my pictures that way. Here is the link to picnik.

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