Curls on Point

I finally broke down and point Miss. Jessie’s curly pudding. But before you go spend your life-savings on this product, I would suggest that you get it don’t go run out and get it just yet. It’s a bit expensive so there might be cheaper alternatives.

Natural hair is harder than what it seems. All these girls on Youtube and various blogs look so cute with their natural hair styles. I have tried everything. From twist outs to bantu knots, to high bun to wash’n’go’s/ Let’s just say with natural hair I just look like a hot mess 24/7. I have been natural for about two and 1/2 years and this is the first year in which I will be rockin’ my hair… au natural! Natural hair is a lot more complex that I thought it would be. At the moment I’m wearing my hair in the protective style of braids. I plan to wear my hear out this summer. Hopefully then these products will come in handy. Miss Jessie’s don’t disappoint me!


Ciao Bella!



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