Re-evaluation starring my friends.

Let’s me make this very clear. I’m a very open person. Not open like a window or a book, but open enough that I tell my friends the truth when asked a question. There is no point of spreading rumors with “friends”. We should be open enough to share this and that. If I don’t feel as though I can share, I will just explain that I don’t feel like sharing at that moment. I’ve had it up to here with secrets. Secrets are a fancy way of saying “lie”. One of my best pet peeves is secrets. If you have a secret with another person there is no reason I should ever find out. Do not discuss it in front of me, it’s just plain rude. Because then I will want to know what this special “secret” is and my curiosity will be crushed when I can’t discover it.

The worst part about secrets is the trust issues that accompanies them. Honestly it hurts. It hurts so much. Like you can’t trust me enough to tell me? How long have we been friends? I’ve realized that I can’t keep having relationships like this. They are toxic. If I lose the confidence that my friends don’t trust me then I will harbor my emotions further. And I’m already a poor communicator. Oh, well. One more semester and then I will find friends that will trust me as much as I trust them. 🙂

Ciao Bella!


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