Tom Ford

“Style for me is someone who figues out who they are, what works on them, what they feel good in and develops that, develops their character and the outer expression of their character is what style.”

Tom Ford.

Hey Love Bugs. This will be short. If you didn’t already know, I love men’s fashion. I mean, I love fashion myself.. But I’m so much more into style. Because trends come in and out but style, that’s timeless. (Quote me on that in a few years when I’m a SUPER blogger) Any-hoo. A well-tailored man is all kinds of sexy. (*fans neck*) Tom Ford is the essence of classic, contemporary elegance.  So below I have a documentary on him from Oprah’s show Visionaries! Hopefully I will be on the show one day.By the way I love documentaries so if you have any good suggestions leave them in the comments below.

(Sidenote: I do not own these photos)

Ciao Bella! 


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