Tea Time in London Town

Hey Love Bugs. So if you didn’t already know I was born in London. Given that fact I drank tea up to my ears until about the third grade. During the third grade I realized I was sick of tea & I haven’t drunk black tea since then. Although in 9th grade I discovered the health benefits of green tea. (Oh, Lipton… how I love thy) Any-hoo my uncle made me this traditional English tea time meal. The meal consist of a scone, jam, and this cream stuff. It was delicious but very very heavy. I could only eat one half of the scone biscuit. I saved the other half for later. My uncle said that tea time is usually around 3:00pm and sometimes people would go to hotels or nice hotels to eat this scone & tea snack. Well, God Bless. I will be uploading photos of London scenery soon. 

Ciao Bella! 


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