London Homes

Hey Love bugs. Oh how I love my vacation in London. It’s more like a stayaction. Because London is my second home. I feel so corny using the word stayaction, I mean it’s not like I’m forty five with too many vacation hours.  Any-hoo, I’ve been in London and seen some gorgeous houses. If you didn’t know I love architecture. I love art and find things such as painting, sculptures, architecture, fashion, music, writing, and fashion different forms of art. The thing about London house is that they are old. I mean old pipes, old structures, old electrical systems. It takes a lot of getting use to.  (I know that something are fairly new but the large is a large portion that is fairly oldish). So I’ve seen this house that I love. I took a picture during the day & at night. (Sidenote: I’m not a crazy stalker I’m just living down the street). Anyhoo enjoy these pictures! 🙂

I feel so cultured although I’ve been to London several several times.The funny thing is that white car on the grass, was just sitting in someone’s yard like decoration. Anyhoo Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

Ciao Bella!


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