Window Shopping

Window shopping… a/k/a- shopping without money. Hey Love Bugs just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to. For the last few days I have gone window shopping. It’s really quite a bore because I’m saving my money until Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) when the real sales are apparent. So far I’ve only purchased a yellow/gold cari. But I thought some pictures would be nice. Some of my favorite stores have been Superdrug (Sort of like Ulta/Sephora), Primark (Like a cheap H&M mixed with Forever21) and others. The others include Next, Topshop, Superdry, and Zara. But at the moment those store are just out of my price range.(Sidenote: They also have Forever21 but it seems as though the currency was not really convert as though a $23 shirt is still 23 Pounds which isn’t a good deal at all) Y’ll need to remember that I’m still a student. But just wait  ten years. When you walk down the street and see that sassy, stylish lady strutting down the street and think to yourself “who is that?” it will be me! Hehehe. Sorry for all the pictures, I just thought some of the mannequins were dress fabulously.

Ciao Bella! 


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