London Lunch

Sorry it is so blurry. Just think of it as an artistic touch!

Hey love bugs. My London getaway is going great. Last week I had lunch with my cousins and we went to a fabulous Asian restaurant. Now the rice, chicken, and egg rolls were delicious! As for the desserts…. no comment! (Sidenote: The name of the restaurant is Cosmo, not as in Cosmo the alcoholic drink. Although I’m 18 and I’m in London I don’t drink nor plan on drinking. I kinda believe that God has set a certain amount of self control in my system now. And I’m not sure how alcohol could/would impair my judgement at this age for me. REMEMBER this is my personal opinion. I could be wrong.)

This is a picture of Plate Numbero Uno:

Plate Dos:

Any plate beyond this is just embarrassing so I will save you all the shame. (Sidenote: I’t was a fancy buffet)

Ciao Bella! 


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