The Life of a Jet Setter

Hello love bugs! Sorry I know it has been forever! Sorry I have been so busy. Let me give you a bit of a run down of what has gone down the last few days.

Well if you don’t already know I’m in London. FYI- I was born & raised in London, England (*Adele- Hometown Glory begins playing in the background*) I lived in London til I was four and moved to the USA because my mom’s job was transferred.

So I’m back in my hometown with all my lovely Uncles & Aunties. The flight was quite nice. That was until the stop over in Chicago when I had a rude encounter with a AmericanAirlines flight attendant. Now this was at the airport while talking to someone working at the counter. I was just asking a simple question about my seat on the flight when the African American lady proceed to cut me off and talk to me condescendingly. I didn’t understand why she was so rude. It was only the grace of God that kept me from rebuking her! Let’s just say the ‘sassy Nigerian woman’ didn’t come out of me.

I guess that’s one of my fears. To end up doing a job that I hate and tormenting others around me with my rude and spiteful spirit. I pray each day that God will lead me to my purpose and that happiness will line my destiny. 🙂

Well here is a quick picture of me on the flight. (Sorry I look so rough)

Ciao Bella!


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