Oh Black Friday!

I will make this brief. As many of you don’t know, I got a seasonal job at _______ (Sorry I don’t reveal personal info like that) I will tell you the place after the job is over. Anyways I learned two things about myself through working on Black Friday. One- Black Friday is kinda pointless. I mean the deals are just alright and most of the time the people that are really into black Friday are uber crazy. Shall I remind us about the pepper spray lady at a Walmart in Los Angles? Personally pepper spray, Walmart, and black Friday should never be in the same sentence. Two- Customer service is hard. It’s hard to be happy and smile when people are so rude sometimes. It’s only the strength of God that has kept me. As a greeter my job is to welcome you into the store and then proceed by telling you all the in-store promotions. I’m a subtle shopper so I like to walk in and out of a store without anyone speaking to me. (If I need help I will ask) But a majority of customers like to be acknowledged when they enter a store. So, that’s my job. Sometimes I wonder if I really like to work or if I just like money. I think I just like money. I pray that God will lead me to a job that I love so I never have to “work” a day in my life! (Oh how cliche!

Sorry to be so negative. I mean there are some ups to black Friday. Like the Kohl’s black friday jingle song. Or the energy. I feed off energy. So if you have a good vibe I will too. Like if you are really into something I will be into it too! Sorry, I feel like I have to really explain because I may not be making sense. Anyways black Friday has this energy that is just crazy. Everything is backwards. We shop late at night/ early morning. Everyone is up. I don’t know. There’s just a certain energy. I can’t explain it.

Well, I did buy a pair of shoes that I will display later. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Black Friday.

Just got off from work. We had to wear black. And “yes” my eyes are naturally that big ! 🙂

Ciao Bella! 


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