Dear Santa.

After thanksgiving break my elementary school teachers would have all the students write an elaborate letter to Santa Claus. This, of course, was up until about the Fourth grade when speculations came out that Santa wasn’t real. SHOCKER! 

Even my parents were lazy about the whole Santa Claus idea. They would consume the cookies & milk then proceed to place the cup and plate inside the sink. Me and my sisters argued that Santa was soooo busy that he couldn’t possibly have time to put the dishes in the sink. Oh well. That should remain an unsolved mystery.

Although if I could ask for anything this year it would be a Canon SX40. (See picture below). My older sister, an avid photographer, would be ashamed if I did not purchase a camera up to caliber. So here is my choice. The camera is a $387.00 on amazon! But I promise you readers, that once I get a good camera I will post more frequently. Probably about four times a week! But don’t jump out of your seats yet. I’m still saving up for this bad boy. I know God will provide.

Dear Santa,

Make your presence known once more. It would be nice to have this cutie under my Christmas tree. Because all I want for Christmas is a boyfriendCanon SX40. 



P.S. I still believe. (I can hear the Bells– Polar Express reference)

Ciao Bella!


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