Learning to Walk.

Sorry, readers for not posting more often. I love reading blogs. In fact, I am an avid Yahoo! News reader. Instead of watching the news I read Yahoo! articles on various topics from pop culture, to political news, to lifestyle. And Yahoo! usually has historical post about the trivia in current holidays. So I haven’t been blogging because I have been actively working on my layout (theme) of my blog. I didn’t think it was going to take me this long to make my decisions  on colors and fonts. It took me three days to get the banner how I wanted it.

(Sidenote: Senior Year is crazy busy, and I just can’t find tranquility in all the hustle and bustle)

I knew I wanted to add the bible verse at the bottom. It was a miracle how that verse came to me. The night I started my blog, I was reading my bible and God showed me that verse. The verse is very profound and is a daily remainder that I am able. In a society where I constantly feel suppressed by numerous factors (money, age, environment, peers) that verse remains me that God is able. No hurdle is too high! [Shout out to my track days] 

So, I am still a baby blogger. I’m learning to crawl but I know (by God’s grace) I shall be sprinting soon. Please be patient with me. I only want to present material that is up to part.

Ciao Bella!


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